Songwriter/Vox/Keys and bandleader of Thea Wren....

 delivering soul-stirring rhythms, captivating melodies, and poignant lyrics while infusing her performances with a dreamy retro soul-jazz vibe. Seamlessly blending timeless sounds with contemporary issues, she ignites the stage with infectious beats and invigorating energy that invite audiences into her vibe.

Backed by the talents of Montreal Symphony violinist Lauren DeRoller, drummer Ezra Oklan, and bassist Jeremy Mendicino, Thea Wren's dynamic ensemble creates a spellbinding experience, alternating between mesmerizing introspection and electrifying fervor. Her debut album, 'In Between,' soared to #8 on Seven Days' list of top 12 albums in 2019, a testament to her captivating energy, relatable lyrics, and resonance.

Always attuning to fresh downloads of new music, lyrics, and sound, Thea Wren  welcomes you home to a world where music transcends boundaries and connects souls.


Macaulay Lerman: Photo

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