Welcome to my website with a focus mostly on my original music and performances with my group Thea Wren. I am now adding a new page devoted to my compositions for film and live performance.  

Exciting times for us as we produce our debut EP, In Between! A 7 track EP of my original music, pressing to vinyl for release Fall 2018!

Thea Wren is the name of my band out of Burlington Vermont. It began in 2013 under the name Cynthia Braren Trio. In 2015, I started to build the band and morphed the name into Thea Wren. Currently we consist of Daniel Gaviria on guitar, Ezra Oklan on drums, Chris Peterman on Sax, Micah Carbonneau on bass, Jane Boxall on Vibraphone and myself on keys and vocals. Our sound is a unique conglomeration of my classical piano training, interest in Latin Jazz, percussion and rhythm, and leanings towards singing from the soul. I would call myself an intuitive songwriter, creating music often from a feeling or a chord progression  that is dancing in my mind. Our sound has been described as soulful, hiphop, rock,  with Jazz undertones. A blend of genres!  I am extremely fortunate to have the caliber of musicianship in my group that I do. Together we are weaving together a unique vibe that continues to evolve with every session.  

Our performances take us all around Burlington and the state of Vermont, as well as into New York. In our short time together we have been featured on the Top Block Stage at the 2014 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival. We were also showcased at the Flynn Space as part of Burlington's 2015 and 2016 First Night New Years Eve Celebrations playing to sold out crowds both years. We had an exciting run of 10 shows at last years Discover Jazz Festival. 

The new link to my original compositions for film and live performance is an additional project where I am currently working towards building my repertoire. With this link you can listen to my first 2 compositions in this area. Both were engineered and produced my Colin McCaffrey at the Green Room in Plainfield, VT.  I was lucky to have some amazing musicians on these recordings including Jeremiah McClane on accordion and Chris Page (now with the Tenderbellies) on guitar. Have a listen! I hope you enjoy them and can visualize the screenplays that they could play out under.  

We enjoyed a very robust 2017, and are looking towards our first original album by the end of 2018, so please stay tuned and come check us out soon!" 

Find Thea Wren on Facebook at Thea Wren Music and on Instagram as Thea Wren. Or click the link above to be added or our email list about upcoming events! 

Cuban Bridge Live Tapeing/Havana Fairfax Connection Sept. 2017 with Ezra Oklan and Micah Carbonneau

Cuban Bridge Live Tapeing/Havana Fairfax Connection Sept. 2017 with Ezra Oklan and Micah Carbonneau

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