We call this a house concert, but it could be anywhere from a concert in your home, outside in your yard, poolside, or at your place of work. Basically anywhere outside of you going to your local hangout to hear music. With a house concert, your people, friends, colleagues, confidantes, come together to be with you and each other, to mingle and have Thea Wren provide a unique and intimate alternative to going out to get together.  The setting can be casual, folks on couches, the floor, standing, or more formal with chairs set up. The main intention is to offer a meet up that fulfills our need to come together, relax, fill our souls, and enjoy each other.
First you invite your friends and describe the gathering. You can request a suggested donation at the door or we can come up with a flat rate.  Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at how many people will be more than happy to offer a donation for a unique and intimate alternative to a night out. You can provide food, make it potluck,  and decide if it will be BYOB. We will decide ahead of time when you want me to play and then relax and  I will take over for 1 1/2 hours. I like to interact with the audience, so you can expect a lively conversation between myself and your guests.

Feel free to fill out this form or email me to be in touch!

"I hired Thea Wren for my 60th birthday party and she was terrific.  If you want great musicians to do original music and original covers she is the best and very easy to work with.   Everyone at my party loved her music." ” - Chris Pratt September 2017