From the recording Bluebirds and Butterflies

Wren wrote this piece two years ago and had rehearsed and recorded this song ( on her Boss 505 looper), in May 2020 with the late Peter Krag days before his passing. A pristine improvisation by Krag ( his M.O.), inspired Wren to have sound engineer Jeremy Mendicino insert it into the new recording. Thea then invited Peter Krag’s brother Chris Krag, an accomplished violin and viola player to join in on the recording, allowing the two brothers to leave a mark in time playing together. With Ezra Oklan and Jeremy Mendicino co-producing as they did on Wren’s successful freshman release ‘In Between’, (12/2019) Bluebirds and Butterflies picks up on the pop/rock vibe of In Between and adds a 60’s flare with a ‘wall-of- sound- lite’ /Zombies feel.