Thea Wren

"A Pop-Soul Powerhouse with an Eloquent Point of View" - Jordan Adams, Seven Days

Thea Wren produces powerful rhythms, melodies and lyrics from the soul, with engaging performances rooted in a pop soul lyrical approach, meeting current issues with danceable beats and liberating energy. Her freshman album, In Between, was ranked #8 out of the top 12 albums for 2019 by Seven Days. Constantly churning out new music with relatable themes, and vibrating energy, Thea Wren will bring you home.

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Most indicative of Braren's headspace is the EP's title track. A bit of modern, blue-eyed soul in the vein of Amy Winehouse and other Mark Ronson-produced late-aughts pop, "In Between" frames Braren as a person strong enough to go with life's flow without being swept away by it.” - Jordan Adams

Seven Days

I hired Thea Wren for my 60th birthday party and she was terrific. If you want great musicians to do original music and original covers she is the best and very easy to work with. Everyone at my party loved her music. ” - Chris Pratt
She's got a star quality...she's a powerful human being with a confidence and ease about life because she's raised kids and [accomplished] a lot."” - Jeremy Mendicino

Seven Days

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